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We took software for development. They did it for a long time, expensively, but after a long period of time, we still got a working program.
Evgeny, 28.04.2019
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He worked in the company for about a month. They dismissed and did not pay salaries. That was such an experience. They do not respect other people's time, I do not recommend this company.
Valery, 12.06.2019
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There is no development for a beginner. Nobody will be engaged in your training, although they attach a mentor. They promise a lot, but in fact they only burden with routine work.
Alexander, 21.06.2019
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Tore off all the time when developing software. Due to protracted deadlines, my company lost a deal, and as a result it flew into the money. I didn’t get any clear explanations, nor compensation.