Alex Lutsky

Alex Lutsky

Co-Founder and CEO of Innovecs

Alex Lutsky is the co-founder and CEO of Innovecs. Graduate of Kharkov University. In 1994 he emigrated to the United States. In 2011 he returned to Ukraine, where in 5 years he built an IT company. Now the company employs about 400 specialists.

He began his career in the United States as a software engineer. Then he moved to project management and sales, after a while he reached senior positions - he became vice president of R&D at Ipsos in North America and took part in the creation of several technology startups.

Alex Lutsky

Alex Lutsky founded Innovecs in 2012, returning to Ukraine after 18 years of a successful career in the USA, where he worked in various companies in leadership positions, including Vice President of R&D at Ipsos in North America, as well as served as vice president of GlobalLogic. In addition, Alex participated in the foundation of several technology startups. One of them was acquired by the largest international service for booking accommodation.

The experience that Alex gained in the States helped him build his own successful company. Despite a brilliant career abroad, Alex returned to Ukraine to participate in the development of the country and industry, applying the experience and skills that are now necessary not only for doing business in Ukraine, but also for successful global competition and scaling outside the country.

In 2017, Alex received the prestigious National Man of the Year Award, and Innovecs was recognized as the Digital Industry Leader in Ukraine.

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We where Alex's client. The development took a long time, unfortunately all estimates were broken, but finally with 1 year delay we got our solution. Thanks Alex.
Evgeny, 28.04.2019
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I was working in Innovecs one month. After one month I was fired and did not get any payment. Innovecs does not keep commitments. I do not recommend this company.
Valery, 12.06.2019
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There is no any future for nub in Innovecs. No One will spend any time to educate u. They promises to give u mentor and learn, but in real world you will work on routine work and will not get any additional knowledge.
Alexander, 21.06.2019
рекомендую Not recommend
All deadlines were broken. Due to delayed delivery, My company lost deal, as a result I lose money.